Why should you build / rebuild your website?

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May 1, 2021

website is a door to an organisation’s culture & services. It signifies the true essence of the organisation, if done right.

Certain key aspects as to why & how should an organisation / brand be building its online presence via a website are:

Website is a gateway to brand's credibility

A brand's website tells a lot about the credibility of the company, in question. It's the first impression a user may have off your brand, so, you got to make it count.

Stanford Web Credibility Research clearly reflects that user’s form opinion about a company’s credibility looking at their website design.

Responsive & Mobile Friendly websites

Now, a regular user will mostly be watching / searching for your brand online, using his mobile device. As per the study, if your website isn’t responsive or mobile friendly, you are losing on 17% of your probable customer or leads.

This may even be higher than 17%, basis the trade of business you are in.

If your business is more B2C, then your website visits and lead conversions to opportunity are even higher, with a well-designed & fully responsive website.

Are you generating enough content via Blog Posts?

They say, that you are more likely to find a customer in someone who discovered your company via a blog post.

A research suggests that 70% of customers find company through its reference on a blog post or its own blog post.

Loading time / Speed

You can lose or win your customer within 0.05 seconds of their visit, why?

Because in most recent studies, it was discovered that it takes only 0.05 seconds for a visitor to form an opinion about the company through its website. Ensure your website is good enough to grab attention within 0.05 seconds of a website visit.

Your Design leaves a lasting impression

Now that we know first impression sticks, let us tell you that it’s the website design that helps the user form the opinion more than the content.

95% of users first impressions are all website design related and remaining 5 constitutes to rest.

Engaging content

Web visitors do not wait, they would expect your website to be fast, smooth & content rich. A research from Adobe suggests that 39% of website visitors will leave the website, if it takes too long to load.

Now imagine losing a prospective million dollar deal just because your website wasn’t as fast.

Creating a lasting impression of your website is difficult, as it must appeal to, entice, and convince users to take action. There is no magic formula to write the perfect code & design for the website.

We at, The Approid Consulting, would love to help you out with our customised approach, to build your own extraordinary website. Contact Us

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