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The Approid Consulting was originally founded as a website development house in 2015, tailored to meet the ever growing demand of accelerating digital engagement.

Since inception, we have helped various establishments in their digital presence and have created multiple mobile applications for startups and medium sized firms.


Team Approid specialises in strategic execution, creating rapid impact and instilling organisational change. Our product development methodology focuses on driving digital adoption by combining design-led thinking, rapid prototyping & a long term mindset ensuring agility.

UX/UI Design

At the heart of Design Thinking is the intention to improve products by analyzing and understanding how users interact with products and investigating the conditions in which they operate. A well thought out & usability tested Design is what works for engaging the right target audience.

We help you achieve exactly the same.

Software Development

We are extremely fortunate & take great pride in our highly experienced software development team. Spanning across Mobile, Web, Cloud and Security, our team members come from various industries and backgrounds. Bringing together vast cross-disciplinary experience through their unique skillsets, knowledge and best practices, our team is backed by a delivery methodology refined over a decade.

Cloud Solutions

Be it migration, optimisation or defining solutions in the cloud, our team follow the complete process from Discovery to Evolution. Our consultants will guide you on your Cloud journey no matter what step you are on.

Our process revolves around :

Discover - > Design - > Deliver -> Evolve

SEO & Marketing

Whether it's about website traffic or tracking mobile in-app impressions, we deliver an end to end product strategy, development & execution, along with a solid backed up Marketing plan.

We take ownership of your product, keeping in mind the target audience & end goal.

Full Support

A scalable technicallly advanced solution is incomplete without backing of a solid support & maintenance. We provide for a FREE OF CHARGE fixed duration support to take care of all user feedback.
What we do
How we do?

"We don't just help you transform your business, we take pride in being your partner in crime."

We bring your ideas to LIFE.

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Determine the key features to be the focus of the Product & then defining sub-features on a Sprint.


Design and validate a user experience that meets business and user needs.


Develop features and maintain a user-first focus, while producing production-ready code.


Test the solution and capture user feedback to validate the idea in real-world scenarios.

Launch and support

A GO-LIVE strategy, bundled with a support plan is what it takes to have a successful and thought through launch.

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What are they asking?

Will you sign a non-disclosure agreement?

Oh !!! absolutely, that's the starting point. As a company, we respect our client’s privacy and understand how critical it is to secure the idea, until the world knows about it through Stores. It's the first step we take before starting to consult or begin development.

Will consultation cost me a bomb?

We provide for One FREE CONSULTATION, during the discussion of your project and anything beyond is always a part of the development plan. Once we are "on the team", consultations become an all inclusive part of the usual process.

Are 100% payments taken upfront?

"Never". We start with a nominal advance fee and then the project is broken down into various iterative milestones. You gain control on your project & payments, based on a structured payment and delivery plan.

How do you ensure security of my code & product?

We enforce strong & stringent development principles right from Inception, until GO-LIVE, where your IP is secured & version controlled in a highly stable cloud environment. You own your IP, once the project is DONE.

Do you work with start-ups / individuals?

We believe in consulting a budding entrepreneur or a start-up with their promising idea. We not only develop for them, but we also help them with competitor analysis, Appstore approvals, marketing, SEO etc.

Will there be extra costs, during development?

We sign a structured & transparent contractual agreement, where the Planning & Design phase defines the complete functionality set, which means that there are "no surprises" later. Most of our projects are executed within "budget", unless we discover new functionality which goes through a Change Management process.

How do you handle project communications?

We keep it simple, by allocating a Project Manager as a first Point of Contact and a further escalation matrix as a part of the agreement, with defined SLA’s. The manager communicates via email, skype or calls and also use various other conference mediums like Zoom, Webex etc. to share project's progress. The periodicity is defined during the initiation as daily, weekly or monthly on defined tasks and is followed throughout the development process.

Do you offer development using Webflow templates?

Based on your need & budget, we could offer you a customised or templatised approach. We do it all for you, so, you could focus on your business need.

How are you any different from other companies?

Our consulting and delivery capability, is structured around the customer-first approach. We let you focus on the business need, while we steer the rest.

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