What to look for in a website development company?

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June 1, 2021

very website development initiative starts with a simple Google search keyword ‘website development company near me’ or may be ‘website development company in US UK Canada Australia' etc. basis geography and demographics.

Before you even take the plunge and deep dive into companies offering, website development in your geography, you need to identify the kind of website you would like built.

Broadly, all major website development initiatives can be broken down into three broad categories:

·       Template Based Website Development

·       Custom Website Development

·       eCommerce Website Development

Template Based Website Development

This is the most sought after & prevalent ways to build a website and the quickest too. This approach comes in handy, when there's very less need for customisation, however, it provides for a great structure to build upon. Plus, the community support for popular templates is great.

Custom Website Development

Customized approach to website development is when you design and build all components from scratch, without the need of any structure in place. It also means that all css, html & js will have to be custom written to define the overall website structure. This surely takes much more time & effort in creating such a website, but, it gives you more control on what you plan to achieve.

Customers / Business Owners, with a knack of technical background / know how, prefer to go with this approach, but, it definitely does demand a great deal of coding & research to define the final look.

It's worth it, if you know what you need and can find the right team to build it for you.

eCommerce Website Development

A retail store, looking to sell products online, will follow the approach of setting up a digital platform, in form of an eCommerce website. These can be both template based / custom built, depending upon necessary features. Various types of technologies can be used to code such websites and they use SSL for secure transfers & payment gateways, to account for securing user information.

Here is a matrix to draw comparison between all these:

Template vs Custom vs e-Commerce comparison

Now that you have identified the website you are looking for, the next stage is to find out who can develop it for you. To answer that here are "what to look for in a web development company" or in other words "What a Good web development company should have".

How to identify the right type of Company for your software development needs?

·       Social Media Presence

·       Google Search results

·       Company Portfolio

·       Design-led Thinking

·       Company Responsiveness

Social Media Presence

Just like, if you were to hire an interior decorator, for your house, you would check their website & social media handles, to gain insights around the kind of conversations and work they are delivering. If it doesn't sound right, you may want to look further. A well-structured social media presence, tells a lot about the brand and if that convinces you, then it's the first great step, towards knowing more.

Search Results at Google

No company can get listed on Google Page 1, "organically" as the algorithm is pretty robust. It needs a lot of SEO effort and unique organic content generation to rank organically on Google. Sponsored Ad's aren't the right justification of landing the great company, as it's just a money game. A good search criterion should include looking further on multiple search pages and keywords and then landing on brand websites to find the right fitment.

Company Portfolio

Now that you have filtered out the company, you may want to look at their portfolio to assess their credentials, capabilities & credibility, while you browse through their work showcase.

It comes handy to also identify the development and design mindset of the company.

Design-led Thinking

A design centric organization, will always put design first thinking, in to whatever they do. Whether you decide to build a template based website / custom, a design-led thinking will always result into something extraordinary and creative.

Company Responsiveness

It is absolutely imperative that, if the company is slow or needs a lot of follow up in the initial days of discussion, you can tell what nightmare it will be when you need to reach out for any issues or support later.

First impression mostly holds the last, so leverage it wisely.

Team Approid has been into the website & mobile application development space for couple of years now and we don't fumble, when we deliver. While you hunt for the right partner for your website & mobile application development needs, do give us a shout and we'll be happy to assist. Contact Us

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